Roll away your stress (and puffiness!).

By Maddy Zollo
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Jade Roller Massage
Credit: karelnoppe/Getty Images

Southerners love beauty products that can stand the test of time. That's why we know y'all will love jade rolling, a skincare practice dating back to ancient China. This unique tool makes Chanel No.5 and the Dove Beauty Bar seem brand new (jade rollers have been around since the 7th century after all!), and more importantly, it's an easy way to achieve a healthier, younger looking complexion.

Jade is a healing stone known for its soothing properties, so rolling de-puffs and helps with lymphatic drainage (which gets toxins out of your skin). As you gently massage your face with the roller, it also stimulates your blood's circulation, resulting in a luminous complexion that no highlighting cream can rival. And while it's not scientifically proven, we swear our daily roll sessions help firm and lift our skin while also minimizing the appearance pesky fines lines.

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With all these benefits, it's no wonder that this tool is popping up all over our social media feeds and at our local beauty counters. Its recent surge in popularity can also be attributed to its calming effects. Taking a few minutes to apply the cooling jade to our skin not only feels like we're not only detoxing our skin, but also ridding ourselves from the stresses of the day. For even more relief (especially when it's hot as blazes out), try stashing it in the fridge.

Shiffa Jade Roller
Credit: Nordstrom

With so many great rollers to choose from like this Shiffa design or Skin Gym's, there's no excuse not to add this de-puffer into your routine. Not to mention it's so simple to use. The correct technique is to start at the center of your face and work out and up. Try using it right after you apply your favorite serum or moisturizer (it helps the product absorb into skin better) and then get ready roll your little heart out.