Ice, ice baby is right y'all!

Ice Cube Trays
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Down South there's nothing better than a big glass of ice topped off with some sweet tea or homemade sangria. But did you know those icy cubes also can do wonders for your complexion? Their cooling properties have a handful of skin-loving benefits from boosting circulation to energizing tired eyes. Next time you want an easy (and virtually free!) facial pick-me-up, reach into the freezer and try using ice one of these five ways:

To Calm Zits

Whenever you got a bump or bruise growing up, Mama would always tell you to put ice on it to help with the pain. This works the same way. Wrap an ice cube in a paper towel and hold it directly onto a blemish. It reduces swelling and inflammation, so after a few minutes, that explosive-looking zit will appear less noticeable.

To Minimize Pores and Prime Skin

After washing your face, rub a cube all over skin. The coldness causes pores to tighten up, preventing any oil or grime from finding their way back in. It also smooths out your complexion, creating an even canvas for makeup application.

To De-puff Eyes

Whether you were up late binge-watching Nashville or dealing with an unhappy baby, applying ice cubes underneath your peepers instantly reduces puffy under-eye bags and makes you look bright-eyed and bushy-tailed (even if that couldn't be further from the truth).

To Boost Lackluster Skin

If your face is having a case of the blahs, perk it up by applying an ice cube in circular motions. Its chilliness improves circulation and brings blood to the cheeks, resulting in a natural, glow-y flush.

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To Help a Sunburn

It seems obvious but ice also brings relief to tender, sunburnt skin. Take your ice cube game to the next level by freezing a tray filled with aloe vera instead of plain water for even more nourishment.