The Glitter-Infused Mask That Firms Skin

A sparkly approach to skincare

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Right now there are a lot of things that make us Southerners happy: Our first snow, a royal engagement, Georgia, Clemson and Alabama all making it to the college football playoffs, and the fact that there are only thirteen days till Christmas. Another thing that is contributing to our holiday cheer? That it's the time of year where it's socially acceptable to embrace all glitter everything. From heels to nail polish to makeup, there are endless ways to sparkle. The latest bedazzled find we can't get enough of? Glamglow's #Glittermask Gravity Mud Firming Treatment.

A face mask infused with glitter? Dreams do exist! And, it's maybe the most fabulous thing you can treat your skin to. There are silver and star-shaped sparkles suspended in the treatment, so as soon as you paint it all over skin, your complexion will be quite literally glowing. The formula has ingredients like TEAOXI Complex of Licorice and Marshmallow Extract that are designed to help firm and tighten. Leave it on for twenty to thirty minutes—and make sure to take a ton of shimmery selfies.

Glamglow Glittermask

Its peel-off design makes it easy to remove the glitter, preventing you from looking like walking disco ball. If there's any remaining residue left, wash with warm water. Immediately after using it, your complexion will look more lifted and contoured. Not to mention, it'll instantly put you in a festive spirit. Simply apply the mask two times a week to keep your face party-perfect.

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Beyond its anti-aging benefits, the treatment makes an amazing present for your beauty-obsessed friends and family. It's a practical skincare treatment that's totally unique at the same time, so scoop up a few extra jars to treat yourself and others to the gift of glitter.

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