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Fore LUNA 2
Credit: Amazon

Sure, there are the serums, moisturizers, eye creams, and oils—the anti-aging mainstays—but, there are a few choice tools that really make our skincare heavy hitters go the distance. And the leader of the troop? Well, that's none other than the FOREO LUNA 2 and right now you can get your hands on one for $106, nearly 50 percent off the normal purchase price.

It's a bit steep, we get it, but the thing we love about FOREO's line of silicone facial cleansing brushes is that they don't require pricey brush head replacements. Not to mention, the silicone nodules are far more hygienic than the standard bristles that you'll find on many other facial cleansing brushes.

Here's how it works.

Start with your usual cleanser, but instead of massaging it in with your fingertips, you'll reach for your now trusty FOREO brush. Select cleansing mode by pressing the button at the bottom of the tool once. Tiny pulses mean it's on. Gently move the brush over your face in small circles for one minute (don't worry, it's self-timing). Rinse and reveal your squeaky clean complexion.

Now comes the real kicker. Once your face is prepped for skincare, you'll need your FOREO brush again. This time press the button twice to activate anti-aging mode. Hold to your trouble points—crow's feet, laugh lines, etc.—for another minute (again, self-timing). Tiny sonic pulses will super charge skin cells, giving those serums, creams, and moisturizers a boost before they even touch your skin.

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Want to know one more thing we love about the FOREO LUNA 2? It charges with a USB cord, no replacing batteries.