The results were immediate.

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Farmacy Beauty

There are a few reasons you might need to switch up your cleansing routine. The most obvious has to be that it just doesn't work. If you're washing your face and following up with micellar water or makeup remover only to find tons of makeup smeared across your cloth or cotton ball, you should probably consider an upgrade. The same can also be said if you've been surviving on pricey makeup wipes as your sole source of cleansing. Girlfriend, put those wipes down and grab a bottle of Farmacy Clean Bee cleanser—immediately!

We'll admit we've only been using this cleanser for a full week. We've now entered an understandably similar arena as that friend who works out once and is suddenly a health guru, urging you to reconsider your ranch dressing habit and promising that cauliflower pizza crust will change your world. Lies, particularly the ranch dressing part. We do need you to take our word on this face wash though, even with our admittedly limited trial run.

It typically takes at least a month for a new product to wow our socks off enough to warrant a review, but the results of Clean Bee were so immediate, that we decided we just couldn't wait to share.

As with all products from Farmacy, the cleanser's formula is complete with clean, nontoxic, "farm-to-face" ingredients, some of which are even cultivated at the brand's two partner farms.

The secret ingredient that the entire Farmacy collection hinges on is their patented Echinacea GreenEnvy plant. Exclusive to Farmacy, it has 300 percent more antioxidants than typical Echinacea. As for the bee tie-in, the farms' VIBs (very important bees, of course) pollinate the GreenEnvy flowers, in turn cultivating honey that's infused with all those amazing GreenEnvy antioxidants. This super hero honey is the star of Clean Bee.

So, let's get to the good stuff: What kind of instant results are we talking, here? The first thing you're going to notice is just how clean your face feels, and all it takes is one little pump. You might think you need two, but resist the urge—you're going to want it to last and this formula suds up like crazy. Massage the cleanser all over your face, allowing it to work its way through all the makeup and general grime of the day. Once you rinse it off, you should have that clean-as-a-whistle feeling, plus smoother, hydrated skin that might even convince you to skip the foundation. We're not kidding, we would never joke about foundation.

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If you fall in love with this cleanser and want to continue on with all things Farmacy (we don't blame you) add their Honey Drop Moisturizer and Dew It All Total Eye Cream to your morning and evening routine. You won't be sorry you did.