Say goodbye to all your dry skin woes.

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Should I order my pumpkin spice latte hot or over ice? Is it okay to break out my favorite knit sweater or will I sweat to death by the afternoon? It's that time of year when Southerners can't quite decide if we should fully embrace fall or still hang on to the last bit of summer. While we have the luxury of deciding when to transition seasons, our skin doesn't. As soon as the temperature begins to dip, our complexion reacts on a physiological level, so it's important to tailor our skincare routines accordingly. "As the air gets drier, your skin pays the price," explains dermatologist Michelle Henry M.D. "During the cooler months, the skin contains more moisture than the air, so when you are outside, the cold air leaches this moisture from skin, leaving it dull and dry in appearance." Luckily, there are a few easy tweaks we can do to keep our faces in check as the weather changes. Here are five things to try:

Upgrade Your Moisturizer

"Always change your moisturizer to a richer formula," advises Dr. Henry. "I prefer those that contain glycerin or ceramides." Swapping out your go-to gel or lotion for a cream-based one ups skin's hydration levels. Creamy formulations, like Clinique's Dramatically Different Moisturizing Cream, are thicker and deliver more nourishment during colder months.

Be Smart In The Shower

While a steamy shower may feel like a great escape from outside, limit your shower time and try to resist using hot water. "Hot, long showers will further dry the skin, so it's not a time to get lost in your thoughts," says Dr. Henry. Afterwards, use a wet skin moisturizer like Curel's Hydra Therapy since it penetrates skin and restores moisture more quickly post-wash.

Choose A Gentle Cleanser

Wash your face with hydrating, therapeutic formula. Think: Creamy or oil-infused cleansers that provide extra TLC. Harsh or foaming washes can increase skin irritation along with upping dryness.

Remember To Exfoliate

Light exfoliation is also important: "You must remove dead skin cells to allow the moisturizer to penetrate," explains Dr. Henry. Gently use a washcloth, cleansing brush or non-abrasive scrub once or twice a week. For an added dose of hydration, apply a hyaluronic acid serum (such as Neutrogena's Hydro Boost Hydrating Serum) before your moisturizer.

Consider A Humidifier

Another way to keep your complexion supple is with a humidifier. Turn it on at night to protect against the radiators or additional heat in the house that can also cause dry skin.