And you're going to love the dispenser too. 

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Drunk Elephant Lala Retro Whipped Cream
Credit: Drunk Elephant

This time last week it was snowing in our hometown of Birmingham, Alabama. Subsequently, my skin absolutely lost it. One look at me, and you might think I just returned from a trek through Antarctica, or a weeklong ice fishing adventure on the Great Lakes. I thought this year I would be safe while snoozing under the gentle mist of my humidifier, but the mirror (and that uncomfortable feeling of thoroughly chapped skin) told a different story.

On a whim, I reached for a round tub with a lavender top that had been sitting untouched on my night table for months—it was a package deal with another product I wanted to give a go. I started gently dabbing it on my sad winter skin, and within minutes I was nearly crying tears of joy. My skin was instantly soothed, hydrated, and smoothed with a little help from the six African oils in Drunk Elephant's Lala Retro Whipped Cream ($60,

When skin is super dry, even the lightest foundation can draw attention to less-than-smooth conditions. Lala Retro Whipped Cream took care of the problem in a snap. I didn't have to wait to let it soak in before applying my makeup. The formula is both intensely hydrating and light—that's where the "whipped" comes in.

You'll love the dispenser, too. While it looks like a tub that you would dip your fingers into, it's actually a pump that keeps the bottle pristinely clean. Press down on the top and the perfect amount will be dispensed every time. Swipe it off the dollop and gently work it into your skin. The non-fragranced cream is meant to reduce visible signs of aging while firming and packing a continuous stream of hydration all day.

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Give this one a try if your sensitive skin is in need of some major Rx this winter. You'll also want to take a look through the rest of Drunk Elephant's all-star lineup of skincare products. They've quickly become a mainstay on our vanities and we bet you'll soon feel the same way.