Keep your skin intact during this next round of winter weather.

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Dove Dry Skin Body Lotion

Here in the Deep South, we are fortunate souls to have a smidgen of humidity leftover even during the year's coldest months compared to our less Tropical neighbors, but this year hasn't been so kind. From ice in Memphis to snow in Savannah and even New Orleans, winter has been and continues to be a dern doozy.

As someone who rarely gave body lotion a second thought before this winter rolled in, I started to develop the kind of dry skin that keeps you up at night with discomfort and irritation on my chest and back. I tried everything from French pharmacy brands infused with magical thermal waters to more expensive salves with five-star reviews. While some of them alleviated my affliction temporarily, none of them ever seemed to bring my skin back to the normal I took for granted.

Then while out-of-town without any options but a hotel-sized bottle of some brandless goo, I found a drugstore display filled with Dove's DermaSeries for Dry Skin. I scanned the ingredient list and decided it was worth a try.

It's been almost a month since then, and my skin has been nothing short of saved. So much so, that I actually look forward to applying this pump bottle sorcery. My legs don't itch, even after shaving; my chest and shoulders are free of redness. The results have been about as dramatic as teenagers at a Taylor Swift concert.

But it probably feels like you've slathered yourself in a glue stick or a tub of lard, you say. No, quite the opposite. It was a much thinner consistency than I expected, and while it sinks right in quickly, I can still tell that it's working its wonders long after I get home from work. Trust me, I hate feeling like I've adhered to the inside of my leather jacket as much as the next person, but this passed the test.

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Okay, but I'm sure it smells like your grandpa's arthritis cream, you say. Not even close. Sure it doesn't smell like the phantasmic botanical descriptions you're used to like water lily-cocoa-rose-almond or vanilla-green tea-geranium-tonka bean, but who needs that? Instead, it's faintly citrusy but barely detectable.

Fine, I'm interested, but how much does it cost, you ask? $10.99 for almost 16 oz. Compared to other drugstore brands meant for dry skin and eczema, this dove will be flying into your cart.