My Mom’s Beauty Secret Is This $12 Moisturizer We Found at a Farmers' Market—And You Can Buy It Online

It’s all-natural and made for sensitive skin.

Day Three Goat Milk Moisturizer
Photo: Courtesy of Day Three Bath & Body

Unlike myself, my mom is what you might call a beauty loyalist. She'll sport the same perfume day after day and swear by a single eye shadow palette for decades. So on a recent visit, I was a little surprised when she didn't pull out the same expensive face moisturizer she's used forever. Not only because what she held instead was different, but because I recognized it immediately.

Years ago, while I was living in Williamsburg, Virginia, the two of us happened upon a skincare booth at the local farmers' market. The brand, called Day Three, was based in Mechanicsville and promised products handmade with only natural ingredients. (The name Day Three is in reference to the third day of creation, when God introduced the botanicals, flowers, and plants that go into making each product.) Intrigued, we each bought a few things, including a tub of their best-selling Goat's Milk Moisturizer.

And then my mom went back home to Florida, where she quietly fell in love with the product, ordered more online, and started incorporating it into her daily beauty routine as a body moisturizer. (Hundreds of miles away, I was quietly doing the same thing.) Later on, when her longtime face moisturizer started causing irritation, the goat's milk stepped in.

Day Three Bath Goat Milk Moisturizer
Courtesy of Day Three Bath & Body

Now, it's the multipurpose wonder my mom can't live without. According to her, the ultra-creamy elixir is the perfect weight for delivering ample moisture without feeling heavy (she uses it daily, under makeup). It's also incredibly gentle for sensitive skin, with just a handful of natural ingredients including (of course) goat's milk, shea butter, and Aloe Vera juice. According to founder and maker Joy Ross Davis, the moisturizer was originally formulated for people who struggled with skin issues like eczema. (She herself struggled with an illness 10 years ago, which became the impetus for whipping up her own skincare products that were safe and chemical-free.)

Day Three Bath Owner Joy Davis
Day Three founder Joy Davis at her Mechanicsville, Virginia, store. Courtesy of Day Three Bath & Body

Another plus for my mom—whose beauty mantra has long been "moisturize, moisturize, and moisturize some more"—is the fact that you can apply this miracle worker liberally without worrying about breaking the bank. On, a 4-ounce container of the product goes for a reasonable $12.

While Mom and I don't share too many beauty favorites (on a recent mani-pedi trip, she got her usual dusty pink while I opted for bright lavender), Day Three's all-natural Goat Milk Moisturizer is one staple we've both had in our cabinets for years—and probably will for many more.

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