Your one-step makeup routine

By Patricia Shannon
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Colorscience Bronzing Duo
Credit: Colorscience

Not all sunscreens play nice with makeup. Some go on too thick, others gunk up skin and end up peeling off (if you've ever experienced this, we're sorry). So, when you find a sunscreen that doesn't get in the way of your makeup and can stand in to provide just the coverage your summer skin needs, well, you've found a winner.

Colorscience Sunforgettable Total Protection Face Shield Bronze SPF 50 is going to be the warrior of your makeup bag this summer. Not only does it arm skin with UVA/UVB protection, but it adds just the right amount of blendable color where you need it.

You've likely seen Colorscience before. You know those nifty little brushes with SPF powder in the handle? Yep, that's Colorscience. (Read more about that summertime game changer here.) Their line of sunscreens is meant to work along with makeup, and they do just that. The Sunforgettable Bronze duo, which includes a full body version, is just another reason to love the brand that's taking SPF beyond the skincare category.

Before applying Face Shield Bronze SPF 50, apply your daily moisturizers. You'll want to shake the bottle up to disperse color and make sure nothing has settled. Instead of applying to fingertips first, I always put a dollop on the back of my hand. It works kind of like a paint palette. This ensures I don't wind up wasting whatever product I'm applying, whether it's foundation, concealer, sunscreen, or lotion.

You might notice that it goes on a bit dark if you happen to have a lighter skin tone like I do. Just keep blending until you hit the right pigment level.

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Add a hint of blush at the cheekbones and your favorite tinted balm (bonus points for an SPF version!) and you're ready for whatever the summer day throws at you. Want all-over bronzing? Lucky for you, Face Shield is sold in a bundle along with Sunforgettable Total Protection Body Shield Bronze SPF 50.