Custom skin care sets for oilier skin types are currently retailing for $34.
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Clinique Great Skin Anywhere Gift Set

We have a fun column in our magazine called "My Mom, the Beauty Icon." It's typically written by a daughter who spills the beauty secrets that her mother has passed down to her. With each new icon we feature, one product almost always remains at the top of her must-have list: Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizer. It has become so prevalent that I've taken to telling our duos on our initial calls or emails that we can no longer feature the iconic moisturizer.

Truthfully, I totally get it. Clinique's yellow-hued moisturizer has been a tried-and-true beauty staple for so many women throughout the years. It's affordable, easy to come by, and (most importantly) it actually works. It takes major restraint not to slap a bottle of the good stuff in every single one of our print columns each month—though it gets especially tempting when a holiday edition complete with a glittery logo hits the line sheet. You better believe I had that on the lineup until the very last minute when I decided it might read as a tad hypocritical. After all, I have sent countless ladies back to the drawing board to find a Mom-approved moisturizer that's not care of our beloved Clinique counter.

Here we are though, on an entirely different medium, which means I can cover all news pertaining to Clinique Dramatically Different until my heart's content. Today's buzz is all about those smart little gift sets that are currently 50% off.

The promotion includes 11 gift sets that range from cheek palettes to fragrance and cleansing sets, but the real winners are the Great Skin Anywhere bundles. There are currently two different skincare sets to choose from, both featuring the products that make up Clinique's three-step skincare process: Clarifying Lotion Twice a Day Exfoliator with Pump, Liquid Facial Soap, and Dramatically Different Oil-Control Gel. Each product comes in both full- and travel-size bottles. Unfortunately, it's only the Oil-Control Gel that's included in this current promotion. If that's not you, keep an eye on the Special Offers section of the site—you never know when your favorite blend will hit.

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The Great Skin Anywhere sets typically retail for $68 with a $98 value, but you can currently snag the bundle for $34.