Save your pennies for this one, ladies.

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The world of luxe skincare does not know where to draw the line, and thank goodness for that or else Chantecaille's Lip Potion wouldn't have made its way to my desk.

The French beauty house is known for creating stunning, botanical-formulated products that promote and support the worldwide wildlife conservation efforts so near to founder Sylvie Chantecaille's heart. A sampling of her range include a gorgeous, shimmery limited-edition eye palette that retails for $85, a $195 gilded eye mask, and a $216 lifting serum designed to plump and volumize skin. Therefore, it's not surprising that the brand's lip balm also clocks in with a hefty price tag compared to the pastel, egg-shaped versions that line drugstore checkouts. The thing is, this balm is different.

When I first patted my finger on the pink concoction within the compact, I was immediately surprised that it had the consistency of a thick cream. It wasn't at all like the hard balms I'm used to. The formula includes a trifecta of almond and macadamia oils and shea butter. The combination turned my wind-chapped lips to puffy little clouds of softness seemingly within minutes—and it stayed on for hours. Needless to say, it's been a permanent fixture in my beauty routine during this particularly brutal Southern winter we're experiencing. For best results, you can either use it throughout the day, as I do, or overnight.

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We're not saying that you should run out and spend close to $50 on a lip treatment but, if you're so inclined, this is one that definitely lives up to the hype—just as long as you're not offended by a little indulgence.