Caire Beauty's Founders Want to Change the Way Women Think About Skin Care

Beauty-industry veterans Celeste Lee (above left) and Lorrie King (above right) wanted products that actually worked for them. "About five or six years ago, we noticed that our friends were calling nearly every week and saying, 'I've been using this great eye cream my whole life, and it's not doing anything anymore,' " recalls Lee, who says the culprit was perimenopause, the four- to ten-year time period before menopause occurs. "Most women don't really know what goes along with it, except for hot flashes, but the truth of the matter is that one of the first signs is changing skin."

Caire Beauty Founders Celeste Lee and Lorrie King

Gerald Janssen

Unsatisfied with options they saw on the market for the over-40 set, Lee and King partnered with a team of scientists to launch Caire Beauty (@caire_beauty), a "hormone-defying" brand that works hard to improve the skin from within. Beyond the thoughtfully formulated product line, the pair aimed to create a community where women could feel empowered. "We wanted someone speaking to us in a caring, embracing way, who isn't talking down to us or saying we're going through this awful, taboo menopause thing," says King. "With Caire, we can have a conversation about it that's genuine, honest, and trusting." It's about "life moments," adds Lee. "You have to be able to celebrate the good ones and manage the bad ones. Everything you choose—from the clothes you put on to the food you eat to the products you use—should be something that supports you."

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