This mask has 3,600 five-star reviews on Amazon, and we'll absolutely vouch for it.

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When asked if you'd revisit your childhood bubble baths—but rather in a way that starts on your face and ends with glowing skin—would you say no? That was the question posed when the Korean skincare trend, bubble masks, started blowing up the beauty world. The Korean skincare movement had already given us water-based cleansers, sheet masks, and the curious essences; but now it was stepping it up with a carbonated mask that's part cleanser, part moisturizer, and 100% foam party on your face.

As a serious skincare buff and face mask enthusiast, I was more than intrigued after seeing glimpses of the bubble mask in action, transforming faces into sudsy clouds everywhere. I already use face masks weekly to unclog and minimize pores, brighten skin, and pursue that unattainable glow; and these masks didn't fizz and pop. I couldn't help but compare my current ponderings to my obsessive love for sparkling water. Why pick plain and boring water when you can have zingy, fruit-essenced La Croix?

Following that logic, I set out to try the most popular bubble mask of all: Elizavecca Milky Piggy Carbonated Bubble Clay Mask. (It currently has over 3,600 five-star reviews on U.S. Amazon, and it's super cheap for a sizable tub at $10.) With its all-star ingredient list of charcoal powder, green tea, pomegranate extract, and collagen—and combined with the oxygenated factor—I was pretty sure it was going to do some great things for my skin. Almost all reviewers of the mask rave about the softness of their skin after using, but I wanted to know if it would outshine my own tried-and-true face masks (I use a detoxifying clay mask and a therapeutic sulfur mask weekly).

Upon opening the adorable, piggy-adorned packaging, I read the instructions—English on one side, Korean on the other—and got ready to smear this gray goop over my face. The texture of the mask, once opened, was extremely thick and favored the putty of my youth. It smelled like most clay masks with its earthy, powdery scent. I dove in with the handy applicator and started slathering on a modest layer of the goop, not sure how out of control these bubbles would get. Before I had even finished covering my face (and I was booking it), the mask was beginning to foam. I didn't feel any major tingling, just a faint fizzing that went alongside the expanding layer of gray bubbles on my face. I couldn't help but laugh at how ridiculous I looked, and promptly sent plenty of pictures to my friends and family. Once the ten-minute timer was up, I began rinsing the bubbles—now protruding at least half an inch off my face—and found a base layer of slick, putty-like mask left on my face under all of those bubbles. It took a minute or two of ferocious rinsing and rubbing to get it all off; but my pores looked amazing, my skin felt tighter, and my face just felt clean. I'm no stranger to this wonderful post-mask high, so it wasn't until the next morning that I was really impressed.

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After my morning shower, I applied my daily toner and serum and was immediately struck by how baby-bottom soft my face was. I'm not exaggerating when I say that I couldn't stop stroking my own face. (A fact I'm not proud to admit, but will for the sake of this review.) That doesn't happen with my other masks. That's when I decided the bubble mask wasn't all hype; to my welcome surprise, it actually worked. I'll be scheduling this mask into my weekly skincare routine for a late-week pick-me-up; and I definitely threw it in my suitcase this morning as I packed for my Thanksgiving trip home.