Over 11,000 Amazon Shoppers Swear By This Blackhead-Sucking Pore Vacuum

Throw out those pesky nose strips.

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Pore Vacuum

We're willing to do a lot in the name of beauty. Applying lash serum every night in order to coax baby lashes into a somewhat lengthy existence? Give us the tube. Slathering on SPF every single day—consistency is key!—for the sake of keeping wrinkles at bay? Pass the sunhat. And if you've ever tried one of those stick-on pore strips, with an end goal of ripping out each minuscule blackhead on your nose, you surely know that slap of pain when you have to rip it off. Rudolph's got nothing on that freshly snatched nose.

What many might not know about pore strips is that they're actually not good for your skin at all, and most dermatologists would never recommend them. Not only do they fail at getting rid of blackheads (the bristlelike sprigs you see stuck on it afterwards are actually just hair you've ripped out), but they can also strip and damage your skin barrier with each use. The moral of the story here? Throw out the pore strips.

However, that doesn't necessarily mean that you're stuck with clogged pores and teeny-tiny blackheads—thanks to this blackhead-sucking pore vacuum with over 11,000 Amazon reviews. This skin-care tool, which you might have seen on Instagram or TikTok, uses air suction to loosen and remove blackheads and gunk from pores without stripping your skin.

For best results when using a pore vacuum, perform the suctioning after a warm shower when the steam has opened up your pores. Drag the pore vacuum down your nose (the most common problem area) without stopping on any one section for too long, which can cause redness or bruising. Continue slowly on all sections of your nose and watch the gunk get sucked right out into the clear suction probe. Sure, it's disgusting—but also, satisfying!

When using on any other part of the face, make sure to drag the suction tip out and away from the face, which helps drain excess lymphatic fluid and decrease puffiness. Generally, it's safe for most skin types to use, and it even allows the user to choose between five different levels of suction strength.

The best way to kickstart effectively reducing your blackheads is by incorporating a chemical exfoliant (our favorites are linked below) into your routine. These clear out clogged pores and initiate cell turnover for fresher, brighter, healthier skin overall. This will make adding a pore vacuum to the list even more beneficial.

If you have a settled stomach, look into the over 11,000 Amazon reviews and photos (warning!) to see why shoppers love this blackhead-busting tool.

Electric Blackhead Pore Vacuum

Pore Vacuum

Use the pore vacuum only twice per week for optimal results and zero irritation. Use once a week for sensitive or severely dry skin. It's recommended to use no more than five minutes during a session.

Shop It: $26.99; amazon.com

Corsyx Salicylic Acid Daily Gentle Cleanser

Corsyx Cleanser

This gentle cleanser works wonders for clogged pores, thanks to the main active ingredient: salicylic acid. Use twice daily.

Shop It: $12.40; amazon.com

Pixi Glow Tonic

Pixi Glow Tonic

This cult-favorite toner is an easy way to get your chemical exfoliating in with just a few swipes—and at a drugstore price.

Shop It: $18; ulta.com

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