You're going to want to buy it by the bucket this winter.

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CeraVe Moisturizing Cream

Winter skin, it's not ideal. Even in our part of the South where temperatures stay relatively moderate, my skin inevitably becomes dry, cracked, and rough as soon as the first cool front arrives. It's a change that happens almost overnight, warranting my wardrobe of daily moisturizers useless. And, I'm not talking the cheap stuff. This is an all-star lineup of beauty-editor-vetted products and yet it still doesn't hold up. It's like trying to water the Ponderosa with a garden hose: not going to cut it. Midway through a particularly gruesome bout of seasonal skin, I decided enough was enough. I visited my dermatologist, begging for a solution. She recommended CeraVe, to which I curtly responded that I had already tried it. Turns out she was talking about CeraVe Moisturizing Cream, not the lotion I was accustomed to, and my, what a difference it made.

It's currently priced at $11 on Amazon and happens to be the best selling product in their facial moisturizer category, though I favor it as a body lotion. You'll know the cream when you see it; it's in a short squat tub though there's now the option of a tub with pump. The pump is a good feature until you hit the bottom of the barrel, at which point you'll need to open it up to scrape out every last bit of hydration—because you won't want an ounce of this stuff to go to waste.

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My primary aversion to other heavy-duty moisturizers is the sticky feeling they leave behind, as if they sat on top of my skin rather than soaking in. CeraVe Moisturizing Cream is just as thick, but my arms, legs, and neck absorb the formula better than the others. No stickiness, just soft, hydrated skin. I use the cream twice a day during the winter months—in the morning and at night—but it's the nightly ritual that I really look forward to. After a quick rinse off, I douse my skin in the unscented cream, mixed with just a dot of Jo Malone Pomegranate Noir Body Lotion (because that cult-favorite fragrance is everything). I go to bed with happy, hydrated skin that transforms overnight to become even softer and more nourished. It's like an Rx for beauty sleep that works double time to cure winter skin blues. You're going to want to try this if you haven't already. In fact, just go ahead and add it to your Amazon subscription.