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Skinceuticals HA Intensifier
| Credit: @skincare

While Southern humidity does a great job at keeping the skin of its residents less wrinkled and dry, we still like to keep one splurge-worthy product on our vanities that helps keep signs of aging from making us look older than we feel. But finding something that actually works and isn't just a bunch of smoke and mirrors, or fancy packaging and branding, can take a hot second to find.

From moisturizers to essences and even sheet masks, there's roughly a fa-fillion products promising to deliver you airbrushed skin, but we've found that serums are the best course of action. Not only can they be quickly applied, they're easy to mix with other products with different properties like extra-hydration, hyperpigmentation correction, or even acne control. Powerful and efficient, these three have earned a spot in our nightly rotation.

True Botanicals Cellular Repair Serum Renew: Papaya-pink with a rose-like scent, this serum benefits from True Botanicals commitment to all-natural ingredients and next-generation sourcing for more active elements minus the extra cost. After just one week of use, we were clutching our imaginary pearls in disbelief over the dramatic results. It did an especially bang-up job on refining pore size.

Skinceuticals Hyaluronic Acid Intensifier: Hyaluronic Acid is definitely the ingredient du jour, but few formulations with the necessary size molecules to truly penetrate skin have been worth the pricetag. A few drops of this prickly pear-colored serum smoothed over skin right after cleansing makes cheeks look downright cherubic and lines like crow's feet or the 11s in between eyebrows disappear.

Darphin Exquisâge Beauty Revealing Serum: In true French fashion, this anti-aging serum is promoted as a way to soften wrinkles, lines, and imperfections while still embracing the signs of living a full life. We found it to be particularly illuminating, especially when used under a layer of Embryolisse before putting on makeup.