We Love This All-Natural Skin Care Line Made by an Alabama Mom, and You Will Too

Mama always knows best.

Tenesha Carter of Aqualime
Photo: M.Clemm Photography

Around eight years ago, Tenesha Carter’s son was diagnosed with a mild case of eczema. “As a new mom, I wanted to try everything to help him cope,” recalls Carter, who lives in Montgomery. “I started doing research and making creams and oatmeal baths to clear it up.” What began as an experiment to relieve her son’s symptoms expanded into Aqualime (@aqualimeskincare), a Southern-made, organic bath-and-body line.

“A lot of people don’t realize that their skin is one big organ,” she notes. “You read the ingredients in some products, and you can’t even pronounce half of them. You wonder, ‘What am I putting on myself every day?’” Carter aims to remove all the guesswork, using a curated selection of U.S.-sourced botanicals and herbs in her handmade balms, salt soaks, and scrubs. Her line prioritizes clean, healthy skin, she says, but it’s also about intentional rest. “To me, self-care is taking time to slow down. That might mean enjoying a relaxing bath, going out for a walk, or reading a good book,” says Carter. “It’s doing something that’s important for your overall health.”

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