The Antiaging Mask That Firms Your Skin Faster Than You Can Drink a Cup of Coffee

Now that's our kind of caffeine jolt.

Glamglow’s Gravitymud Firming Treatment Mask
Photo: Courtesy Glamglow

Unless you have the fountain of youth on speed dial—in which case, can you help a girl out?—odds are you've heard about antiaging superheroes like retinol, sunscreen, and vitamin C. Used daily, these can help stave off the tells of time.

But from there, things get tricky. Retinol is highly effective, but it can often be harsh and doesn't play well with more active ingredients like chemical exfoliants or vitamin C, which brings us to face masks. They're the real cherry on top of your antiaging skincare routine. Not only can you sprinkle them into your week to ensure added benefits without the risk of overdoing your skin barrier, but they make any night at home feel a little more fun. And we found a firming face mask worth more than our weight in youth-boosting gold.

Glamglow's Gravitymud Firming Treatment Mask is as exciting to do as it is effective at temporarily making your skin look fresh and firm. It's made to lift and smooth your skin to reduce the appearance of aging signs like fine lines and wrinkles, using ingredients like licorice, marshmallow leaf, witch hazel, and hydrating glycerin. Basically, it can help mature skin feel and look more youthful for hours, making it only the best kickstart to any day since buttermilk pancakes, in our not-so humble opinion. And it's got a little surprise.

To apply, use the tiny brush included to sweep an even coat all over your face. Now here's the kicker: As it dries, the firming treatment will turn from a boring white to a brilliant metallic chrome. And what's more, you don't wash this stuff off like a regular face mask. You peel it off, after 20 to 30 minutes. No mess, no fuss, and no more eye bags.

Our favorite time to apply this temporary age-erasing face treatment is in the morning. If you're trying to look your best for a big event or if you simply want to give your skin a selfie-worthy boost, this mask can do the job while you're drinking your coffee or doing household chores. Just make sure to send a photo of your chrome-colored grin to all of your girlfriends.

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Time to put the pep back in your step—and complexion—one morning mask at a time.

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