The Dark Circle-Busting Eye Gel That Sold Out on Amazon in 48 Hours Is Finally Back In Stock

Plus, all the de-puffing and antiaging perks.

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For many of us, eye cream belongs to the category of skin-care products that you don't realize you really need—despite everyone telling you so—until you find one that actually works for you and makes it wildly apparent that you do, in fact, need an eye cream. There are eye creams that focus on antiaging, ones meant for intense hydration, some that fight dark circles, and just a select few eye creams that do a mix of all those things—and do it well, which is the main caveat here. As we've recently discovered, Wake's highly-reviewed Eye Gel apparently hits the multitasking mark well enough to sell out within 48 hours of launching on Amazon. Consider our attention caught.

Wake Eye Gel

Wake, a U.K.-based skin-care brand, already touted their hydrating eye gel as a best-seller on their website well before the product finally became available to all of us globally via Amazon. The Eye Gel is made to target dark circles and puffiness above all else, with other vitamins, antioxidants, and ingredients like hydrolyzed collagen included to reduce signs of premature aging. Per thousands of reviews on both Amazon and the brand's website, the result is an under-eye area that is brighter, smoother, and younger-looking. It literally wakes up the skin. Get it?

Wake Eye Gel

Besides the eco-friendly glass packaging that makes quite the pretty addition to your vanity, the antiaging product has some of the ravest reviews we've seen in a while, like this one: "I have literally suffered from dark circles for four decades due to health issues as a child. After many, many attempts to conceal them and copious amounts of wasted money buying 'miracle' creams, I stumbled across Wake Eye Gel...It took a few weeks to see the effects, but for the first time in my life I have no dark shadows and can actually see the color of my skin underneath my eyes."

So if you're looking for a new affordable eye cream that works to bust dark circles, eliminate puffiness, and smooth fine lines—basically if you're looking for something that will wake you up—Wake's sellout Eye Gel might be the one that makes you realize. (SHOP IT: $20.95;

Your eyes can betray when you're tired, feeling dull, or experiencing premature crow's feet. Make it so they can't betray you quite yet.

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