Because no one wants eyes as pink as azaleas.
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Biossance Eye Gel
Credit: Instagram @biossance

There's an old Southern proverb (or one that I just made up): When the windshields turn yellow, skin will be nothing but mellow. While our fair corner of the earth may be known iconically for its sprawling live oaks that arch picturesquely over long driveways and town squares, all that beauty comes at a price: sulfur-colored dust that coats the tops of puddles, window sills, porch floors, and, more importantly, your skin.

If you identify with any of the following adjectives: pink, puffy, itchy, rashy, and/or miserable, we have five fixes to help your skin and eyes fare this springtime assault of airborne irritants.

Rhoto Eye Drops: As a fellow human with larger than average eyes, when I came across a mention of Emma Stone using these Japanese drops to make her eyes pop in photos, I thought for less than $10 it couldn't hurt to see what all the fuss was about. Not only do these drops eliminate redness so effectively they make your irises look photoshopped, they're also like giving your eyeballs a ice cold glass of tea on a July day.

Acure Organics Rose Argan Oil: "Acure's argan oil has been my go-to, intensive heal-all for years," says Assistant Editor Katherine Owen. "My mom has a very ‘put-some-windex-on-it' attitude but about argan oil so it's especially life-saving during allergy season when tissues no matter how ‘moisturizing' tear my nose up. Plus I'm obsessed with the aromatherapy line they came out with—rose is my favorite."

Biossance Squalane + Peptide Eye Gel: For those whose eye area looks as puffy as a Shar Pei puppy minus the cute factor, this gel instantly tells your skin to simmer down while also softening any fine lines with squalane, similar to hyaluronic acid, which moisturizes and revives.

Darphin INTRAL Redness Relief Soothing Serum: If your skin is more often than not inflamed and angry it may be time to invest in a more potent redness relief product. This Darphin serum takes skin from vengeful to cooperative quickly.

Skin Trip Lotion: Made by the same Colorado family-owned company since 1971, this healthfood store lotion with a cult following is thinner than most, but that's a good thing for those of us residing in Gardening Zones 7-10 as it sinks in quickly and doesn't reconstitute as greasy or slimy when met with humidity. It has a faint, neutral coconut cream pie-like smell, but nothing that screams "teenage beach party." Pro tip: put it in the fridge so it has an extra cooling effect.