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Sam's Club Storefront
Credit: Sam's Club

If you're a card-carrying member of the Sam's buyers club, then you're all too familiar with their too-good-to-miss deals on everything from toilet paper and TVs to tires and groceries. But not all of the cheap finds at Sam's Club are limited to the food and entertainment aisles: The Health and Beauty Aid (HBA) area is home to some of the most unexpected treasures, like conditioners, shaving gels, moisturizers, and cleansing wipes, that are all strategically placed within an arm's reach.

Rather than buying one bottle of this or a container of that on each shopping trip, you can stock up on long-lasting favorites, with a membership that practically pays for itself. Even if you're not a member or you think buying large quantities of anything—let alone shampoo and lotion—is a waste of money, we're here to walk you through how best to tackle the warehouse giant and its vast beauty loot. Not only that, but we've also included some of the best beauty bargains and top-rated products to add to your arsenal. You can thank us later!

1. Have a family member pass their membership on.

When paying it forward comes in handy. If there's a friend or relative who has a membership and they're the only person on the account, they can add you for free. Ta-da! Beauty savings at the ready.

2. Use the free one-day pass to shop for products without committing to a membership.

Before paying $45 for a standard membership, you can explore the club and test drive skin-care products on a one-day trial. Keep in mind you'll be responsible for a 10 percent fee on all purchases. Print the pass here.

3. Learn the price codes.

At Sam's Club, the cost really matters—right down to the very last cent. If there's a beauty product that ends with a "1" ($10.91, for example), it means the item has been discounted, as full-price items typically end in $.99. There are also corresponding item numbers you should pay close attention to, particularly the ones with the letter "C." If your favorite essentials end in a "C," you're in luck. It means the items have been cancelled or are low in stock, meaning the prices could drop even lower.

4. Shop online.

Good news: You don't have to be a member to take advantage of Sam's Club plethora of online beauty supplies. Just be mindful you'll be charged a 10 percent surcharge on your purchase. And to save you some time (and money), we've narrowed down our go-to picks—all priced at less than $40.

5. And, just skip the line altogether.

With the free "Scan & Go" app, you can bypass long checkout lines. After all, who wants to wait 20 minutes for hairspray? As you peruse the beauty aisle, scan the barcodes of hot-ticketed items and pay instantly from your phone. For online shoppers, the "Club Pickup" service allows you to pick up purchased hair and skin essentials at the front of the store, instead of waiting for them to be shipped to your house.

6. Instantly save without clipping coupons.

Look for the "Instant Savings" advertised on products in the store and online, and you'll score beauty in bulk, while saving a few bucks. Also, keep an eye out for the daily "Shocking Values" deals displayed on the website to collect shampoo, home furnishings, body wash, and a makeup vanity at a steal. Or, you can sign up with your email to get daily alerts delivered straight to your inbox.

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7. Shop on Wednesdays.

Shelf space counts at Sam's Club, as the warehouse leases their shelves from specific vendors for a limited time. If something isn't selling, you can bet on the store dropping the price to get it off the shelves before the lease expires. You may be wondering, why Wednesday, though? Well, store managers conduct shelf audits on Tuesdays, and you'll see those markdowns reflected in the price on Hump Day.