Extra mayo, please! 


Southerners don't need to be reminded of the wonder that is mayonnaise. Spread it across fresh white bread for the perfect sandwich, mix it with chocolate for a mouthwatering cake, or add it to your deviled eggs for an ideal finger food. No matter what brand you prefer–ahem, Duke's–mayonnaise is a must-have in every Southern kitchen. However, you might be surprised to learn that the creamy condiment can be used for much more than another ingredient in your favorite recipe. Here are seven uses for mayonnaise you never knew about.

Strengthen Your Fingernails

To give your fingernails a power boost, just drop them into a bowl of mayo for about five minutes and wash with warm water. The necessary nutrients will soak in and work wonders for weak nails.

Kill Your Head Lice

Anything with vinegar will work to get rid of head lice, and mayonnaise is certainly no exception. Just section your hair, and apply the condiment to your scalp. Those pesky critters will be gone in a jiffy.

Relieve Your Sunburn

So you sat poolside for a few minutes too long and now resemble a lobster; we've all been there. Mayonnaise is your new best friend in this situation. Rubbing chilled mayo on your sunburn can be extremely soothing for an otherwise painful sunburn.

Shine Your Plants

Professional florists use this tip to keep houseplants shining like a new penny. Just rub a little mayo on the leaves of your plants with a paper towel, and they will continue to glisten for weeks at a time.

Remove Your Bumper Stickers

It may be time to do away with that decades old bumper sticker you mindlessly slapped on your car in college. Instead of permanently damaging your vehicle with a razor, give mayo a try. Simply rub it on the sticker, and let it sit for about 5 minutes. The mayonnaise will dissolve the glue and leave you bumper sticker free.

Exfoliate Your Dead Skin

Southern summers often result in bare feet, which can ultimately lead to calluses and dead skin. That's easily avoidable; just rub mayonnaise on your feet like lotion and slip on a pair of socks. Wait about an hour, and enjoy your newly moisturized feet.

Soothe Your Face

Skip the expensive creams and masks and treat yourself to a soothing mayonnaise facial. Gently cover the condiment on your face and let it sit for about twenty minutes; next wash it off with cool water. Your face will feel clean and moisturized.