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National Lipstick Day
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Something I've learned to be true is that, in no particular order, Southern women love lipstick—and Southern women love a deal. Seriously. If there's anything that my mother, grandmother, aunt, godmother, and every belle in between has taught me, it is that everything is better when you get it half-off. That especially applies to beauty products.

Southern women have mastered the art of patience and restraint when it comes to scoping out these bargains, so we wait. Oh, do we wait. We can practically smell a sale coming from a mile away, and there's a big one going on right now. In honor of National Lipstick Day, Ulta is hocking a major deal on a classic lipstick that's too good to pass up.

You know, Estée Lauder's Pure Color Love Lipstick? Considered somewhat of a cult-status lipstick, it falls under our category of "Don't Hesitate, Just Buy." It's timeless, dependable, and comes in a pretty tube (always helps!)—and today it's BOGO.

We'll repeat: Buy one, get one free! Excuse us while we "add to cart," because you can get two tubes of Estée Lauder's grand dame of lip color at 50 percent off. That's a "run, don't walk" situation.

Estee Lauder Lipstick
Credit: Estée Lauder

Why do Southern women love this lipstick? Besides hailing from a timeless beauty brand we've been shopping for decades, it just so happens to come in the most perfect matte pink color ever. The shade is "Proven Innocent," and it offers super-smooth, barely-there color and just the stylish touch needed to command the room.

No need to stick with just one color, either. There's a on sale that's touted as the universal red for every woman. You can also find a less-pink, more-nude option in crowd-favorite color, "Raw Sugar."

And if you're not into matte, you'll find a pop of creamy color in "Wild Poppy." Blot after applying, and you'll get that perfectly-flushed finish.

Go ahead, and mix-and-match like it's going out of style. You get two shades for the price of one, which rounds out to about $11 each. For a department-store quality tube of lipstick, that's making out like a bandit. (Mama would be proud.)

The deal is today—Monday, July 29th 2019—only, and the shades are already starting to sell out. Get your Pure Color Love before the love is all gone. You can find it here.

Hot Tip: You'll find other deals at Ulta today, including a "buy two, get one free" when purchasing classic Clinique lip products. Shop that deal here.

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There's never really a bad time to try a new lip color, right? Our thoughts exactly.