Time to put "Ballet Slippers" away and pull this winter white out.
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Snow Glad I Met You 2
Credit: Amazon

When thinking about the one nail polish to keep on hand (no pun intended) for the holidays, it's reasonable to think that it's got to be a festive Christmas red. Maybe a bright, crisp red, like my favorite, OPI on Collins Ave. Or a deep, classic ruby like "A-List" by Essie. Or maybe a nice neutral taupe, like You Don't Know Jacques!, or a NYE-ready blue like OPI's Russian Navy.

But, what about the perfect winter white? Enter: OPI's "Snow Glad I Met You."

Just as white jeans and white shoes can be quite controversial after Labor Day, this too may come as a perplexing suggestion at first. But stay with us! Once you see this creamy, warm white, you'll realize why it's the perfect winter neutral.

I picked out this color last December, right before a big New Year's Eve trip. Risky, seeing how I'd never gotten it before and am the type to keep a meticulously detailed "nail color diary" following each manicure in the notes app of my phone—a way to catalog colors' names and numbers, how they looked in real life, how it faded. Slightly over-the-top, I know. But I hate a wasted manicure! (And you know how hard the perfect pink or red can be to remember.)

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Which is why you should trust me when I say this is a white I'll turn to winter after winter. It's perfect for the holidays because it has a light shimmer, but it's neutral enough to go from classy formal affairs to tacky-sweater parties. And the shimmer (which is perfectly subtle) leans more gold than silver, making it a warm, creamy white.

Or, don't even take it from me, but my nail color "journal," jotted down right after the manicure: "Not too translucent, but not totally opaque. Sparkle is more gold than silver. Great for light, glowy white with some sparkle."