It's selling out fast but you can still snag a bottle.

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Let's just start with something we can all agree on: Essie Ballet Slippers is appropriate to wear winter, spring, summer, or fall. There are certain times, though, when we might feel inclined to mix things up. Swapping out our neutrals for a pop of color is one of the few perks of not being royalty. We're particularly grateful for our commoner status thanks to a new nail polish shade from Smith & Cult that has us dreaming of jumping (pedicured-feet first) into a giant pile of crisp fallen leaves. Sounds magical, doesn't it? Well, this color is too.

The new opaque burnt orange by Smith & Cult is already the brand's second-best seller of the year (this is the first, if you're curious). It's somewhere between a muted brick, and a rusty pumpkin shade, but it's far more flattering than you might think. Pair it with a chunky ivory sweater and comfy pants for Thanksgiving and you'll perfectly compliment that pie you're passing to the left.

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You can buy the polish a la carte or purchase it bundled with another of Smith & Cult's top fall sellers, a metallic terracotta, which has already sold out twice since hitting shelves. We're fairly certain Smith & Cult has cornered the market on fall polish. Now we're waiting with anticipation to find out what they've conjured up for the rest of the holidays. We have a feeling whatever festive shades they mixing will surely have us hitting the Christmas tree stands with extra vigor this year.