Looking straight out of your grandmother's kitchen.
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Seafoam Dotted Nails
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Sometimes an old, tired, or even cringe-inducing trend comes back in a totally unexpected way. As far as 1980s home trends, all of those hanging ferns would never have guessed the hipster houseplant obsession to come. There’s even a time and place for a pink bathroom or chintz curtain moment, one could say. 

But we’re more concerned about the retro 1980s color trend gracing fingernails everywhere right now—sorry, always bringing it back to beauty—and it’s all about the green kitchen. Call up your grandmother, because seafoam green polishes are here to make your fingers feel like they wanna dance with somebody (get it?). 

This take on a spring-forward pastel polish is weirdly flattering on most and feels undeniably zippier than your average nude. Essie’s new Can Dew Attitude is a baby seafoam green that’s ultra-wearable and fresh for the season. 

You can go a touch more springy with a bright rendition á la OPI’s pistachio-esque How Does Your Zen Garden Grow

Or you can go fully muted seafoam green with Revlon’s popular Eclectic nail shade, to embrace your inner 1980s vibes. 

You can add a fun detail by way of subtle nail art, just in time for Easter. Follow up with a few specially-placed polka dots in a grass-green polish like OPI’s I’m So Swamped, to really dig into the color trend. 

Who else is all in favor of having your nails match the green jello salad that will undoubtedly make an appearance at the family Easter celebration? Now that’s our kind of introduction to spring. 

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Seafoam green is just the start—we’re open to all things Pepto-Bismol pink and mustard yellow, too.