This February Nail Color Is Just Springy Enough and Perfect for Valentine's Day, Too

Put down the navy nail polish, Sis.

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Raspberry Nails
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There comes a point when no matter how cute our turtleneck sweaters once seemed or how excited we were to break out the black suede booties, we're over winter. Come February, we're dangerously close to reaching it. Southern women simply do not like the cold to overstay its welcome.

In February, spring is still considerably far off, frolicking in the flower field of our dreams, and we're just here watching the sun go down at five o'clock and with it our mood. We're sick of dry skin and car defrosters and dark nail colors. Cruella called, and she wants her polish pouch back.

So, what transitional nail color shall we choose? It's early yet for the bright corals, pretty pinks, sunshine yellows, and periwinkle blues that we so love to wear in the springtime. We want something that's punchy and alive without being seasonally inappropriate—we do like to be proper—which leads us, time and again, to the same in-between nail color that always rakes in the compliments: a rich raspberry. Here are our top picks to wear this month.

We're currently heading into the salon to get OPI Miami Beet, stat. This pinky, reddish fuchsia nail shade somehow connects all the dots between winter and spring. It's not too dark, not too bright, works on all skin tones, and happens to also be perfect for Valentine's Day. Now that's what we call seasonally appropriate.

You can also mix and match a spectrum of berry shades, throw in a top coat of glitter on one nail, and you've officially salvaged your manicure from the throes of winter blah. To copy this look, layer this shimmery nail polish duo by Nails Inc. over Essie Plumberry.

The key is to keep away from deep burgundy and vampy purple on the winter side of the spectrum without going too close to hot pink or strawberry red on the spring side. Zoya's Vanessa shade (one of our affordable favorites!) strikes the perfect balance.

It also makes a pretty partner with baby pink when recreating the negative-space manicure trend—best leave that one to the professionals though, hm? Try pairing Revlon Rich Raspberry with everyone's beloved OPI shade, Let's Be Friends, from the Hello Kitty collection.

Whatever you do, consider straying from your normal until March, at least. A rich raspberry shade has razzle dazzle for days—and Cruella won't get near it.

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If this jammy nail color has anything to do with it, this year isn't going to be all about the neutrals.

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