Meet The Poppy. 
Poppy Nail Tool
Credit: Olive & June

As anyone who has ever attempted to paint their own nails will tell you, one side is most certainly easier than the other. Sure, you'll be able to paint your non-dominant side with your dominant hand with ease, but the second you have to switch over, you know it's, well, over.

But, you can thank the beauty gods above because Olive & June just released a new product that will help you nearly become ambidextrous.

Meet The Poppy, a round rubber topper that slips onto any nail polish bottle cap. The Poppy helps by providing a bit more surface area for your non-dominant hand to hold, thus giving you more control over the tiny paintbrush.

"We realized that women were not participating in the nail category as much as they wanted to because services were double the price and there was a shortage of manicurists and nail salons in the rest of the country," Gibson Tuttle, CEO and founder of Olive & June, shared with Allure. "Another common complaint we received when we surveyed people is that there is a lack of education around DIY manicure."

To create her revolutionary product, Tuttle herself went an entire year without visiting a salon for a manicure. Instead, she spent 12 full months testing at-home manicures to figure out all the pain points and finally came up with The Poppy as a solution.

"Most polish bottles are pretty, but the handles are small and difficult to use, especially with your non-dominant hand," she said. "It also takes most people at least seven to eight times to get good at doing an at-home manicure, so you often lose them on their journey. I wanted to find a way to empower and excite them while they were learning. If you feel a sense of accomplishment, you'll keep going."

Now, with The Poppy you don't have to shell out $30 every time you want to change your color. Instead, you can just plunk down $16 once for the tool and start using all the shades you already own.

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"The Poppy is a gateway," she said, comparing it to the other miracle product known as the Beauty Blender. "I was never able to properly apply my own foundation, but when I started using the sponge, I understood the concept and achieved a certain level of success. I wanted people to say to themselves after using The Poppy, ‘I can do this every Monday night while I watch The Bachelor.'"