Everyone's Asking For Pearl Nails Right Now, But Southern Grandmothers Have Been Doing It Forever

Glistening like a glazed donut.

The resurgence of popular beauty looks of decades past—including the original claw clip and its current grip on the younger generation—comes at no surprise to those who grew up watching their mothers and grandmothers apply makeup or hot rollers in the bathroom mirror. You simply can never top the nostalgia that came with every spritz of hair spray or swipe of lipstick.

OPI Kyoto Pearl
Courtesy OPI

Similarly, the nail trend that's been taking over salons everywhere might appear quite familiar to some. Pearl nails, also referred to as "glazed donut nails," have been the most-asked-for look of the season. The sheer milky-white color paired with a glossy metallic top coat creates an ethereal, pearlescent, almost-glazed effect. The best part? It's just as wearable as any other neutral nail, except it offers a unique twist.

While modern pearl nails typically use a metallic chrome top coat over a white or nude base coat, the finished look actually bears resemblance to a classic nail color, OPI Kyoto Pearl, that many mothers and grandmothers have worn for decades.

For those who admire the update, it's surprisingly easy to recreate "glazed donut nails" at home. Essie even recently introduced a pearl chrome top coat, Essie Iced Out, that can be layered with its creamy white, Essie Marshmallow, for a similar look, seen above.

While OPI still offers Kyoto Pearl in its lineup, those who prefer a slightly more sheer and milky-white color can ask for its best-selling white, OPI Funny Bunny, followed by its Chrome Powder at the nail salon to master the modern look.

While nothing can ever compare to seeing our Southern grandmother pull out a bottle of OPI Kyoto Pearl, these new pearl nails might be the subtly exciting neutral you've been looking for.

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