Your manicure will match your peach cobbler—and really, that’s all we could ever ask for.

By Kaitlyn Yarborough
June 06, 2019
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Credit: @sally_hansen

When it comes to our beauty routine, summer can make even the most predictable go for something unexpected. The woman who strictly wears two coats of OPI Ballet Slippers? June comes, and suddenly she's going full-on Cajun Shrimp.

There's no better time to trade in your go-to nail color, if only for a couple months, and celebrate summertime with a fresh pop of trendy color. This year is all about bright shades, from poppy coral to sunny yellow to hibiscus pink.

Not into neon? That's where the trendiest summer color of all comes in: punchy peach. And, to no one's surprise, Southern women are all over it like bees on honey.

Pastel shades took over spring 2019 with a vengeance, and now brighter variations like peach and lavender are making plays for summer. Capture the look of a sweet, juicy peach in the summertime with these ombré peach digits. Shop the Sally Hansen colors: Malibu Peach, Soak at Sunset, and Pretty Piggy.

And if you find anything prettier than this fruity peach manicure, let us know. Seriously. Start with a base coat in a creamy peach color like OPI Freedom of Peach, and then go crazy with Olive & June's stickers in "Fruit Punch." (Now, that's a name.) Shop the nail art stickers here.

Nothing makes your summer tan pop more than a bright nude or neon pastel. Essie's Summer 2019 Collection agrees. This sweet neon peach shade is the manicure we all need this summer. Shop the color: Essie In Full Swing.

If you're more into coral, Essie's Summer 2019 Collection has you covered on the sunset-ready shade. (Again.) This burnt peachy coral is the fresh hue you never knew you wanted. Shop the color: Essie Claim to Flame.

If you stray from Ballet Slippers once this summer, make it a punchy peach. Your manicure will match your peach cobbler—and really, that's all we could ever ask for.

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Make sure to peruse the prettiest nail colors for summer before your next salon visit. Start with punchy peach nail polish today, and then let your digits run wild.