Sorry Bubble Bath, I've Fallen for Another Neutral Nail Color

It was the perfect polish for my wedding day—and every day since.

OPI Put It In Neutral Nail Polish Color
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The advice I've always heard about your wedding day is that you should "look like yourself" when it comes to your hair, makeup, and wardrobe choices. For me, that meant no bright lipstick, a flattering neckline, and yep, even a bridal ponytail. Though I like dark, moody nail polish in the winter and bright whites in the summer, I wanted a neutral color for the wedding weekend.

OPI's Bubble Bath and Essie's Ballet Slippers are two of the most popular neutral nail polish shades of all time, especially for weddings. When I got my nails done before our first engagement celebration, I was searching for the perfect color for my wedding day. As she'd probably asked every other bride, the nail technician wondered if I wanted Bubble Bath or Ballet Slippers. Being admittedly difficult, I asked if she had any other suggestions for a neutral polish that's less pink than Bubble Bath but not as white as Ballet Slippers. A true nude.

She brought out an OPI shade (which of course has a punny name) that I hadn't heard of before—Put it in Neutral—and I knew I'd found The One. The One nail polish for my wedding day, that is.

OPI Put It In Neutral On Hand

You know when a foundation gives you that "your skin but better" look? That's exactly what Put it in Neutral does for my nails. OPI describes it as a "pinkish beige," which is universally flattering for any skin tone. It accentuates the natural pink of my nail bed while not looking too pink (No shade to Elle Woods; I've just never been a pink nail polish gal). Put it in Neutral is truly the most perfect nude nail polish I've ever worn. I'm hooked!

Put it in Neutral looks professional and clean but and beautiful at the same time. It's the ideal no-fuss shade for everyday wear, but it won't distract or clash with a formal outfit. Though its color is barely detectible, it's almost like a blowout for your nails—the same head of hair as before but noticeably shinier and healthier. I immediately ordered a bottle of my own to have on hand, and I recommend you do the same.

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OPI Put it in Neutral

OPI Put It In Neutral

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