Olive & June's New Dry Drops Will Have Your Nail Polish Good To Go in 80 Seconds

Lickety-split, friends.

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Olive & June Dry Drops
Photo: Olive & June

I would be lying if I said I never use "my nail polish is still drying" as an excuse for not moving a load of laundry over to the dryer or as a reason to pass off a diaper change to my husband. But there are times when I really do need my polish to dry quickly and thoroughly—oh, and with a high-shine finish if that's not asking too much. The mani masters at Olive & June, who now also claim a wildly successful line of polishes, have added Dry Drops to their burgeoning collection of cult-favorite nail tools, and they'll have your polish ready for adventure in just 80 seconds. (BUY IT: Olive & June Dry Drops, $10; oliveandjune.com)

Olive & June Dry Drops come housed in a small dropper bottle that you simply squeeze directly onto freshly polished digits. Just one or two drops per nail will do. The formula will have polish dry to the touch in 80 seconds or less and bone dry in half the time of a typical polish topcoat.

There are few things to keep in mind in order to get the best results. First, lighter-colored polishes generally dry faster than darker hues (After School Boy Blazer is one of the worst offenders in my opinion—but amazing for chore evasion) and thin coats are always a best practice for a quicker dry time. The brand recommends pairing the Dry Drops with their polish and topcoat for best results, though you can certainly stick with your favorite finishing formula if preferred.

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If you like a super-dose of shine to finish off your manicure, it'll be love at first drop with this little bottle of quick-dry magic. It's bolstered with jojoba seed oil to give nails all the radiance.

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