Olive and June Just Brought Back Press-On Nails and They're Better Than Ever

Nailed it.

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Olive and June Press On Set
Photo: Olive and June

While there are some trends that we agree should be left in the 90s (we're looking at you, low-rise jeans), there are some fashion and beauty staples that we're relieved to see making a comeback. Besides mom jeans and chunky loafers, press-on nails – a beauty trend that peaked in the 90s – experienced a revival during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic for their convenience and versatility.

While nail salons were closed, press-on nails were disappearing from shelves at local drugstores for half the cost of a regular gel manicure. Although their application ease and endless style options have yet to be rivaled, there's still one thing that we don't miss about press-on nails: The inevitable damage they cause when it's time to remove them. No amount of soaking in nail polish remover can repair nails from that damaging, won't-budge nail glue.

Enter, Olive & June's Press-On System.

This all-in-one kit has every step you can imagine ensuring that your nails are cared for, while looking fabulous in the end. Before we get into all the goodies that are packed into this kit, let's take a moment to appreciate that Olive & June has 21 nail sizes, so you're sure to find a shape and size that fits your hand just right. Goodbye to press-on nails that are almost the right size but just a hair too big or small.

In addition to the array of sizes offered, the nails are available in round, oval, almond, and squoval shapes, plus lengths ranging from extra short to long. We may have just died and entered press-on nail heaven.

Olive and June Press-On System
Olive and June

BUY IT: $54 for one set of nails / $80 for four sets of nails (add-ons not included in price); oliveandjune.com

Now let's get into what's included in the Press-On System. Each system comes with your choice of press-on nail set (choose between one style or four styles when building your kit), straight-edge nail clippers, a dual-grit nail file, a nail buff, a gentle cuticle pusher, Olive & June's award-winning cuticle serum, nail strengthener, and a press-on removal kit, plus a carry-all pouch.

Once you've selected your nail style – Did we mention there are over 40 press-on nail colors and designs all made from 94% post-consumer recycled materials? – you have the option to add even more goodies like cuticle remover, brush-on nail glue, refill sponges, or a press-on organizer.

Now this Press-On System probably sounds well and good for nail experts, but what about beginners? If you're daunted by committing to the whole Press-On System, you can also buy press-on nail styles individually. Each press-on set includes non-damaging glue, a wooden cuticle pusher, a 2-in-1 file and buff, and an alcohol prep pad.

When it's time for you to try out your new nails, find the size that fits each of your fingers best, then file, buff, and wipe your nails. Next, apply glue to both your natural nail and the bottom of the press-on. Hold the press-on nail to your natural nail with even pressure for 30 seconds. Now you're ready to show off your salon-like manicure.

Need to switch out your neutral wedding manicure for a funky bachelorette party set? Don't worry about your natural nails needing recovery time or being stripped while trying to switch press-on sets. Olive & June's nail glue is non-toxic and non-damaging, so gently soaking your press-on nails in acetone will be a breezy removal process.

Whether you're a beauty whiz who loves switching up styles frequently, or a newbie looking to test out a different nail shape without committing your real nails to the test, this system is a fool-proof method for anyone.

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