The ultimate non-polish polish.
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Just as there are girls who can't leave the house without red lipstick and girls who only wear old-school chapstick, nail polish preferences vary from person to person. Bright manicures aren't for everyone, and sometimes a barely there color is all you need. If you want your nails to look polished without a colorful polish, this is the product you need. For healthy, shiny nails that aren't covered in color, Dior Nail Glow is the only way to go.

Even if you're a girl who prefers color, if you ever feel like your nails need to "breathe" and take a break from constant polish changes or gel manicures, Dior Nail Glow comes to the rescue. Though it looks like a bright magenta polish in the bottle, it goes on completely sheer. Dior Nail glow promises to "enhance the color of your natural nails," which is exactly what we want in a barely there look. The slight pink tint of the polish is supposed to make the pinks of your nails pinker and the whites whiter. Even better, you don't need a base or top coat with Nail Glow. One or two swipes of Nail Glow and you're done, which makes it perfect for those in-between manicure times. If your polish job is on its last leg but you don't have time to get to the salon or give yourself a mani, instead of letting it chip away into a stubby mess, take it off and get out your Nail Glow. The beauty of Nail Glow is that your nails don't look dull and un-polished; they look like your natural, bare nails got treated to a spa day. Dior Nail Glow is for your nails what a great lightweight tinted moisturizer is for your skin—it still looks natural but refreshed. Dior Nail Glow does exactly what beauty products are supposed to do: It enhances your natural beauty instead of covering it up. We'll admit, it's a bit of a splurge for nail polish, but it's a safe investment to make.

If you do want to save a little cash, Essie has a few awesome barely there shades that have a similar effect as Nail Glow. Essie's colors Skinny Dip, Sugar Daddy, and Mademoiselle are all less than $10 and give your nails a light pink tint.

A few no-fail colors over $10 that rank highest on our list for nude polishes: Tom Ford Toasted Sugar, JINsoon Nostalgia and Muse, YSL Rose Abstrait, Chanel Ballerina, and Smith & Cult Ghost Edit. If you're looking for a new favorite polish, these nude and light pink shades are the best and top-rated choices.

After you take off that holiday manicure, let your nails go almost bare with Dior Nail Glow, and they'll look shiny, healthy, and refreshed.