Mod Nail Trend
Credit: @paintboxnails

When choosing our nail color for any given month or occasion, we don’t tend to think about what was trendy back when the Beatles first started touring—but this coming year, we just might start. One of the most popular nail art trends that’s been heating up for the last half of the year has us dreaming of go-go boots, bright-colored frocks, and Twiggy lashes. Mod fashion is back, gals, but this time, everyone’s wearing it on their fingers. 

Mod fashion has been appearing in different nail art designs and colors for months now and can be hard to spot, but one thing to look out for is pattern. We’re talking swirling colors, checkered prints, and retro polka dots that seem reminiscent of the memorable mini frocks and tea-length dresses of the mid- to late-1960s. This makes it extra easy to customize the nail fad to fit your style. 

The trend seems to only be picking up more steam as we head into 2021, and after a year full of less-than-inspiring outfits (looking at you, yoga pants), the over-the-top designs feel like just the thing to revamp our whole outlook. The best part? They aren’t too hard to achieve by simply bringing a picture to the salon or trying on your own at home.

The most popular form of mod nails popping up everywhere is the characteristic swirls (the ones that would stick with us into the groovy 1970s) that make use of clear negative space to make wavy shapes using color. You can basically choose your favorite nail shades and tell the nail technician to go crazy. From there, checkered print and artfully placed polka dots are easy enough to master. 

So next time you’re reaching for your basic nude or pale pink, consider going back in time and picking a manicure that’s way more fun than practical. You can even use your trusty neutral to create the shapes and designs, if that's calling your name.  

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Now is not a time to sit back and choose your usual. Step outside your comfort zone with one of these foxy mod manis.