OPI Funny Bunny Might Not Get All the Attention, But It's Way More Fun Than Ballet Slippers

Unpopular opinion alert.

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OPI Funny Bunny Bottles
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Let's just say it: OPI Funny Bunny is the Jan Brady of neutral nail colors. ("Marcia, Marcia, Marcia!") But instead it groans, "Ballet Slippers, Ballet Slippers, Ballet Slippers!" Before you grab the nearest pitchfork, hear us out.

We don't hate the iconic pink-nude neutral that is Essie Ballet Slippers. In fact, we love it. But the classic nail color doesn't exactly ignite a fire in the belly, nor does it really spur that many compliments. It's the perfect nude. As in, it's safe and harmless and not totally remarkable. That's the point. Same goes for its OPI counterpart, Bubble Bath. Wildly flattering on everyone; not exactly voted "most outgoing."

Which brings us to the entirely underappreciated nail color that is OPI Funny Bunny. It's at once a neutral nail color that flatters everyone (and goes with every outfit) and a statement-making nail shade that rakes in all the compliments. It's a soft, pillowy white shade that works no matter the season and can be adjusted according to your preference of sheer versus semi-sheer versus almost-opaque, depending on how many coats are applied. It's a Marcia in Jan's clothing, people!

Look at that pop of color that's not even really a pop of color. No commitment needed. Genius. Unlike the popular super-crisp, summery white nail shade, OPI Alpine Snow, there's a touch of softness here that makes it feel more wearable.

Brides-to-be are big fans of the three-coater—because it makes that engagement ring sparkle a little brighter, duh?

And there's a trick that manicurists will suggest if you're really an insider: Layer one to two coats of OPI Funny Bunny with one coat of Essie Ballet Slippers (or OPI Bubble Bath). Behold, the most dynamite duo you'll ever see on your pinky finger. You'll never go back.

See? We're not so biased.

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At the end of the day, OPI Funny Bunny is just one color we're wearing this year. There's no reason to rob our fingers of future fun.

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