No salon visit required.

By Jenna Sims
January 25, 2018
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Essie Gel Couture
Credit: Essiepolish/Instagram

I'm a sucker for swapping my polish at a whim, but once it's on my fingers I need it to last until the next must-have color catches my eye. I've tried a wide range of formulas that promise to keep anywhere from 7 to 14 days, but they've never lived up to their claims. I have naturally oily nail beds, which makes it hard to keep any kind of polish on my nails. While gel polish is a good option, I don't always have the time and budget to make a trip to the salon each week.

At last, I've finally found a polish that outlasts my expectations—as well as any other polish that I've used. The Essie Gel Couture collection is a two-step system that's designed to give gel-quality shine without the light. The system is so easy to use, and takes no more time than using regular polish. Start by applying two coats of your color of choice, allowing the first coat to dry for 60 seconds before applying the second. After the second coat is dry, follow with the Platinum Grade Finish Top Coat.

I was immediately impressed by the appearance of my nails after I applied the polish, but the real test was how long it would last. For several days, the polish stayed just as I had hoped. After about three days, I noticed a little wear at the top of my nails, so I applied another layer of the top coat to help it stay put for a few more days. My nails lasted about a week before chipping, which is a great accomplishment for me. Once they did start to chip, it was just at the top so I was able to touch them up and wear on for several more days.

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Overall, I was able to wear the polish for just over a week—a win in my book. Now, your hardest decision is going to selecting which color to try first. There are over 60 hues in the collection, but you can use the finishing coat over and over again with each new color you select.