Essie Fiji Nail Polish

As Far as I'm Concerned, Essie Fiji Is the Greatest Summer Nail Polish Color of All Time

Who’s with me?
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I'll never forget the first time I saw it. It was the summer before my senior year in college and I peeped that perfectly creamy pale pink glimmering away at the bottom of the pool. So crisp. So lovely. The perfectly polished toes belonged to one of my most stylish girlfriends, so she was accustomed to my, "Where did you get it? What is it called?" line of questioning. That summer I learned many things I've taken with me throughout the years that followed, namely, people who turn their noses up at a chicken tender Pub sub are not my people and—most importantly—Essie Fiji is the greatest summer nail polish of all time.

Perhaps the most alluring-to-me aspect of Fiji is its ability to somehow give a sun-kissed glow to my year-round alabaster-toned skin. My stylish friend had just come off her Friday morning standing appointment at the tanning bed (it was the early 2000s, what can I say), which understandably contributed to her glow being set off beautifully by the opaque pink. Before you cancel your spray tan, know that Fiji isn't a miracle worker. Yes, it lends my skin (that typically signals a 001 level in foundations) a nice little contrast, but it doesn't magically give me the golden complexion of my dreams. Will I take it all day everyday though? Absolutely. Hands down.

When I was first introduced to Fiji, it was pre-Essie Gel Couture and certainly pre-Expressie. The nail lacquer doesn't have quite have the fingertip shelf-life as the crew's new longer-wear sister, but don't let that deter you. Start with a good base coat and finish with a layer of Essie Gel Couture Top Coat and you'll be ready to roll for the long haul.

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Essie Fiji Nail Polish
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Essie Fiji

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Now, add in that spray tan and I am looking straight up ready to rule the pool. Or, these days, more like the splash pad… with two pre-schoolers.