These Nail Colors for Easter 2022 Are As Pretty As Your Pastel Eggs

Easter Nail Colors
Photo: Olive and June

When Easter is coming, all of those pastel dyed eggs, festively colored Peeps, and sundresses that haven't been worn since summertime are bound to have their effect on our beauty choices, too. That means it's the perfect time for a fun Easter manicure that lives up to the occasion—and by then, we're more than ready to replace the dark winter shades we've been donning for months.

Fresh shades of creamy pastel, bright coral, and classic neutral are just the finishing touch any Easter outfit needs—no matter if you're celebrating with a special brunch or rowdy egg hunt. These 14 spring-perfect polishes for Easter 2022 are pretty enough to become favorites you'll call on long after the holiday is over.

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OPI "Hollywood & Vibe"

Easter Nail Colors

This ever-so-slightly more vibrant take on classic baby pink will match your dyed eggs at the hunt.

BUY IT: $9.99;

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Olive & June "Angelfish"

Easter Nail Colors
Olive and June

Like a more exciting rendition of white nails, this creamy, super opaque mint blue can freshen up any look.

BUY IT: $8;

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Essie "Keys To Happiness"

Essie Movin' and Groovin' Nail Polish Collection

This shade changes up your go-to coral with a strawberry red that simply pops wherever you go.

BUY IT: $8.99;

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OPI "The Pass Is Always Greener"

Easter Nail Colors

The boldest of Easter hues, this creamy pastel green is part of OPI's spring 2022 collection. Pick it to make a sweet statement.

BUY IT: $13;

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Sally Hansen Insta-Dri "Heather Hustle"

Sally Hansen- Insta Dri Heather Hustle

This pretty pastel purple polish was made for Easter—and busy ladies. The 3-in-1 formula is a base coat, color, and top coat all in one, delivering major shine in just one step.

BUY IT: $3.96;

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Essie Expressie "Turn Up the Century"

Easter Nail Colors

Choose this cheery pinkish-purple shade to get the best of both worlds. Plus, the quick-dry formula makes it even easier to touch up.

BUY IT: $9;

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OPI "Coral-ing Your Spirit Animal"

OPI Coral-ing Your Spirit Animal

The Infinite Shine collection from OPI was made to last—even through a busy day of Easter activities. Match your mani to your eggs!

BUY IT: $10.50;

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Zoya "Aster"

Zoya Aster

Reminiscent of hydrangeas blooming in your grandmother's yard, this periwinkle polish from Zoya is natural, non-toxic, and will pop amongst all the pinks.

BUY IT: $10;

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OPI "Bee-hind the Scenes"

Easter Nail Colors

Yellow is the perfect color to add some sunshine to your look, and this shade is one of OPI's finest spring creations that is unique while being subtle.

BUY IT: $10.50;

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Olive & June "Lilac Shimmer"

Easter Nail Colors

Purple and metallic? For spring? We'll take it! This dreamy hue is bound to put a smile on your face.

BUY IT: $8;

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OPI "Funny Bunny"

OPI Funny Bunny

When in doubt, this classic white polish still makes a statement and will match just about any dress in your closet.

BUY IT: $12.50;

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Essie Expressie "In The Time Zone"

Essie Expressie In The Time Zone

You can still achieve the look of a high-quality Essie mani at the last minute with this quick-drying formula in a pretty pink.

BUY IT: $8.95;

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Chanel "Canotier"

Easter Nail Colors

If you think it's hard to find a metallic nail color that feels sophisticated and grown-up, look no further than this slightly smoky gold.

BUY IT: $28;

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OPI "Suzi Is My Avatar"

Easter Nail Colors

This zesty coral color from OPI's 2022 spring collection will transition you straight from spring to summer.

BUY IT: $13;

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