Why? It lasts four weeks, for starters.  

By Kaitlyn Yarborough
October 08, 2019
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Credit: Courtesy OPI

Raise your hand if you have enough time, funds, and nail color inspo to get your nails redone every two weeks. No one? Not even you in the back?

It's not surprising. Getting your nails done can feel like a chore, especially when there are a thousand other things on your to-do list. That's why when gel nail polish first debuted, manicure enthusiasts everywhere got on the UV-lighted bandwagon. Nail color that can last up to three weeks? Genius.

If you're in the camp of the-longer-lasting-the-better, there might be an alternative manicure type to try that lasts even longer than gel nails: dip powder nails.

How does a dip powder manicure work?

Sure, it's a cliché that Southern women always have their nails polished—but in my case, it's absolutely true. My manicure type of choice? Dip powder, hands down. I've had dozens and dozens of gel manicures in my life, and none have ever lasted as long.

The first time I got a dip powder manicure (SNS, as it was almost exclusively called back then), I was instantly smitten. All the other manicure types faded into the background. For a nail color lover, it was game-changing stuff.

That first time, it lasted four weeks. A whole month! Then I learned a secret, and now I can stretch it to five weeks, at least. This secret is so good that the nail technician genuinely looks confused when I tell her it's been over a month—and then she immediately asks who did my nails. The nail world is competitive, y'all.

As for the secret, it's tucked safely below—but first, here's what to expect at the salon.

1. After being cleaned and shaped, your nails are dipped into a pot of finely milled powder that's colored in your nail shade of choice (right now, I'm rocking