It's easier than you think! 


The golden age of film introduced elegant starlets and their iconic fashions. You, too, can harness your inner celebrity by mimicking their well-known trends. Here's how to incorporate movie star style and glam into your everyday look.

Rita Hayworth sported a fitted skirt suit outside Warner Brothers studio in 1939. Update the glamorous look with a fitted pencil skirt, pink blazer, graphic tee and black strappy heels.

Sophia Loren enchanted international audiences with her sultry looks and classic eyeliner. Grab some eyeliner, mascara, and coral blush to recreate this portrait of her from 1964. People will yell What a Woman! when you wear this makeup.

Marilyn Monroe played a divorcee who falls in love with a cowboy in the 1961 drama The Misfits. Rock her Western-inspired garb with a white button-up shirt, blue jeans, and tan booties. Pop in gold hoop earrings for a little shimmer!

Brigitte Bardot's hair in the ‘60s was known for one thing: being big – something Southern girls know all too well. Tease your tresses at the crown with a soft bristled brush then add a thick, cotton headband. You'll be on your way to looking like the French actress in no time.

Audrey Hepburn made a style statement for a publicity photo for her 1954 film, Sabrina. Get her look using a long sleeve black shirt, black skinny jeans, and floral mules. Now go strut your stuff like you've just walked off a Hollywood set!