The smooth surface is so good for your nails.
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Mont Bleu Premium Set of 3 Crystal Nail Files

You may frequently change up the color of your nails, but when was the last time you upgraded the tools you use to take care of them in between salon appointments or at-home manicures?

While there's nothing wrong with using a traditional emery board to file and shape your nails, there's another tool you should know about, especially if you frequently do your own nails at home. Glass nail files are one alternative to typical nail files that boast many benefits. They're thought to be more hygienic, eco-friendly, and better for nail health than tough emery boards.

Because a glass file isn't porus, it can't absorb water and potentially breed bacteria or fungi the way an emery board can. And because a nail file made of crystal can last so much longer than a flimsy emery file (or even a metal one, for that matter), they're also better for the environment since they're less likely to end up in the trash. The smooth surface is also gentle on nail cuticles, making for healthy nails that won't break or snag from a few files.

While you might think that a crystal nail file would be an expensive beauty purchase, you can stock up on the nail care essential for just $10. This set of crystal nail files from Mont Bleu includes three glass nail files in a variety of sizes to help you perfectly shape and maintain your nails. Plus, it comes with protective pouches to keep the files safe and sanitary, along with a lifetime guarantee, since the durable tempered glass material is designed to last forever.

Unsurprisingly, the affordable glass nail files have racked up plenty of positive reviews on Amazon, earning a nearly perfect five-star rating overall and the title of Amazon's Choice for glass nail files.

Shoppers wrote that the glass files are more durable and more effective than other options. "These are just what I needed! The crystal grain is finer than any emory board or metal file I've ever used, but being made of glass means it doesn't wear down against thick nails," one reviewer wrote.

Even those with doubts were happy with their purchase. "I was skeptical to purchase these, but I can safely say that after several weeks of use, these show no sign of wear… I LOVE these files because I no longer have to cut my nails first and then file them. Since I purchased this set I have strictly been filing my nails, which leaves them much smoother," another shopper said.

The long-lasting files even work on pets, according to one reviewer. "I bought this set to file my large dogs' nails (90+lbs) after I clip their nails so they don't scratch me… The large file works great for that," they wrote. "The smaller ones work great on my nails. I think these will last a long time [and] I would purchase again if I lose or break them."

If you're ready to upgrade your nail tool kit, give these glass files a try for smooth, healthy nails.

Mont Bleu Premium Set of 3 Crystal Nail Files

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