I've tried dozens of drugstore and designer concealers, and this one easily earns a spot at the top.  

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Maybelline SuperStay Concealer Image
Credit: Courtesy Maybelline

Some say that beauty comes down to science. Well here's my science.

Every morning I wake up with two eyes rimmed in dark circles, two dull-looking areas around my nostrils, and (on the worst of karma days) a reddish blemish somewhere on the chin. Later that morning I head to work with no dark circles, dull spots, or blemish to be found. Nil. How's that? I believe the saying goes something like, "Maybe she's born with it…?"

Maybe it's Maybelline. Ever since celebrity makeup artist Vincent Oquendo tipped me off to the brand's new Super Stay Full Coverage, Long Lasting Under-Eye Concealer, those dark circles have been busted, any sign of dull complexion banished, and any blemish sent cowering in the corner.

Now I'm no scientist, but there seems to be a correlation here. A linear relationship, if you will. A causation situation, perhaps?

"This concealer is a holy-grail, desert-island product for me, especially when I'm working with more mature, problematic, or textured skin," says Oquendo. "If you have dark spots or under-eye circles or any other concern, it's all you can think about. That's where this concealer comes in to save the day."

Part of the best-selling Super Stay collection, this concealer comes equipped with a built-in primer that simultaneously ensures the formula stays in place all day, keeps it from creasing into fine lines or skin texture, and preps the skin for any other products you're layering over it.

And while it is specially formulated for the delicate (and easily discolored) under-eye area, Oquendo told me that he's been finding it has all-over face benefits. I followed suit and found that everything that makes it a great under-eye concealer makes it a dream for your entire face, too.

It keeps all of your concerns totally covered and brightened, which I find even more noticeable on days when I'm working with little sleep, high stress, or total skin disasters. Stay up all night, eat greasy pizza for breakfast, or forget to drink water for eight hours—this concealer is like a bandage that keeps your dark circles at bay and your dignity within grasp.

To streamline your morning routine even more, here's one extra tip: "Take any excess concealer left on your finger from blending it on your under-eye and use it as an eye shadow primer. Since it's made to cover dark circles and discoloration under the eyes, it neutralizes any color on the lid, as well," says Oquendo.

I've tried dozens of drugstore and designer concealers, and this one easily earns a spot at the top. Built-in primer? Check. Stayability? Check. Color-correcting wizardry? Double check. Oh, and here's where you can buy it. And here.

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Now Janet from the morning meeting will never know you stayed up until 2 a.m. watching cat videos. Take that, Janet!