Two words: Holy. Grail.

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Fit Me Foundation
Credit: Courtesy Maybelline

For any beauty lover, finding a great drugstore product feels like hitting triple 7s on a Vegas slot machine—but Mama always said that "the house always wins in the end," so we'll keep to making small bets in the drugstore aisle over big ones on the Strip. Like, say, $8?

After testing dozens of foundations—ranging from $5 to $60—over the years, I've recognized a familiar pattern. I'll try some brand-new expensive foundation that reviewers claim is nothing short of a miracle worker, and I'll get obsessed. My skin has never looked so airbrushed, I'll think. This must be what being a royal feels like, I'll ruminate.

But after the novelty wanes and I notice my T-zone is always oily by noon and blemishes are popping up uninvited, I go crawling back to the drugstore aisle, back to my own holy-grail foundation with humbler roots.

I've been in an off-and-on relationship with Maybelline's Fit Me! Foundation line for about four years now. Try as I might, nothing ever measures up. I know, I know—I should just put a ring on it.

Here are the stats: It comes in 38 shades and two different finishes, Matte + Poreless or Dewy + Smooth, to help you find the most perfect match for your skin. It's fortified with SPF 18, to give your sun protecting efforts a boost. Plus—there's more?!—it's only $7.99.

Like I said. Holy. Grail.

You'll find over 1,800 five-star reviews for each formula on Ulta, over 2,200 five-star reviews on Amazon, and it hits a 4.3 star average out of over 8,500 reviews on Target. You can buy it here.

When my skin used to be oily and blemish-prone, I used Matte + Poreless religiously. It gives the ultimate velvet-like coverage that won't slide off your T-zone by lunchtime. A year or so later, I changed my skincare routine and my skin became too dry for a fully matte finish. I switched to Dewy + Smooth, and that's when the glow got real, y'all. This formula is hydrating and glow-inducing without clogging your pores at all. You look lit from within. It's perfection.

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Psst. My biggest makeup secret? When my skin is settling somewhere on the oily-and-dry combination spectrum (like during the humid summer months), I'll apply the Dewy + Smooth formula everywhere and then pat my T-zone with the Matte + Poreless formula to keep it sans-slick all day long.

This is *literally* such a game-changer that I threw out all my extra foundations after trying the one-two punch combo for the first time. Their services won't be needed.

So…how should I propose?