Save on beauty buys with a household item you might already have on hand.

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Southern Living This Unusual Use for a Laundry Detergent Cap Will Amaze You
Save on beauty buys with a household item you might already have on hand
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Think twice before you throw away that empty laundry detergent bottle. We've got good news for lovers of beauty bargains. The cap of your detergent could double as a tool to clean your makeup brushes. (Not regularly cleaning your brushes is one beauty mistake you could be making without even knowing it.) Detergent is a rather expensive household essential, so by finding another use for its cap, you can really feel like you're getting your money's worth—and save a few bucks at Sephora.

Chances are, you're likely to buy a new bottle of detergent in the near future, so pick up Tide Plus Ultra Stain Release. This product comes with a Zap! Cap, which is made with bristles on top for scrubbing deep-down, set-in stains before washing. If you can't find a bottle with the special top in stores, you can order one online.

Genius Reddit user alixehd discovered an alternate use for the Tide detergent cap and shared her "two-in-one purchase of the week" on the Makeup Addiction forum, as first reported by Refinery 29. The multitasking cap is designed similarly to some of the silicone makeup brush cleaners on the market. To use it, gently rub dirty brushes against the cap's bristles. Save money on brush cleaners at beauty stores, and use this unconventional household item instead. Better yet, it might already be right at your fingertips. Another Reddit user commented that silicone pot holders also work well for cleaning brushes.

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If there's one thing Southern women love more than their time-tested beauty tools, it's finding those trusty products at an affordable price.