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I'm pretty laidback when it comes to my daily makeup routine: A little CC cream that's loaded with SPF, a touch of bronzer or blush, dark brown mascara, and a quick swipe of lipstick in a subtle hue. For special occasions, I'll whip out the purple eyeliner (they say it makes brown eyes pop) and up the ante with a bold lip. But the staple of my beauty routine is likely your go-to beauty staple, too: Concealer.

Talk about saving face. A trusty concealer covers a multitude of sins: Not enough sleep, too much stress; not enough water, too much wine. No matter what you put your poor face and skin through, an old-faithful concealer can almost always cover it up.

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Of course, once you find a concealer that works for you, it's hard to imagine ever pushing that loyalty, that long-term relationship with your favorite cover-up, aside, in favor of trying something new.

But a recent discovery is making us think twice about stocking up on the concealer we've always used.

According to the folks at Self, one of Wal-Mart's best-selling products of 2017 was L.A. Girl's Pro Conceal High-Definition Concealer.


With hundreds of reviews on Amazon, the beauty favorite, which comes in 25 shades, has garnered a 4.5-star review: Fans say it's creamy and holds up pretty well throughout the day, plus, they say, it does a good job covering up everything from dark under-eye circles to acne. One user even raves that this is the concealer she'll use until she dies. If that ain't love…

The best part about Wal-Mart shoppers' go-to concealer? It'll only set you back about $3. (Buy it here.)

So there you have it: We all know that the best things in life come free, and it turns out, when it comes to beauty products, the best things on the aisle come pretty close to free, too.