Camouflage those circles!

By Maddy Zollo
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Under-Eye Concealer That Masks Tired Eyes
Credit: Instagram/It Cosmetics

You look tired is possibly one of the most annoying things someone can say to me. Spoiler: I'm typically aware when my dark under-eye circles are obvious, so bringing it up doesn't help. While I'm prone to getting them year-round, the holiday season tends to exacerbate the issue due to back-to-back parties to late nights on the porch catching up with old friends and relatives. But y'all, let me tell you: I found love in a hopeless place (aka my under-eye area) thanks to It Cosmetics Bye Bye Under Eye Illumination Anti-Aging Concealer.

The number one thing I look for in a cover-up is that that it doesn't look cake-y. In my mind, there's nothing that draws more attention to an imperfection than crumbling, cracking makeup on top of it. While most concealers buff on smoothly, the real test is how it looks hours after you apply it. Luckily, this formula lasts and doesn't seem to budge until I remove it with the rest of my makeup at night, living up to its waterproof promise.

Another aspect that makes it stand out is its hue. As soon as you squeeze a little of it of the tube, you'll notice that's it's not your average flat skin tone shade. The formulation is infused with "Drops of Light Technology" that's designed to leave behind a radiant finish. This luminosity gives its hue a pinky undertone, which helps counteract and color-correct particularly dark or purple circles. I've also found that it can be used to brighten up the look of other dark spots on my face.

However, in terms of application, remember that less is more. I usually apply three to four dots underneath each eye then blend it in with a makeup brush. Not only does it instantly wake up my entire complexion, but it also imparts my skin with a plethora of anti-aging benefits since it has plumping hyaluronic acid, collagen, peptides and antioxidants in it.

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Now that I've discovered this little pink tube, I rely on it (and a big cup of coffee) to look bright eyed and bushy tailed no matter how late I was up the night before.