Ikeda Feingold's style is a high-spirited throwback to the past—just like her fresh, summery liqueur.
Ikeda Feingold in The Perry Lane Hotel in Savannah, GA
Ikeda at the Perry Lane Hotel, her favorite Savannah stay for out-of-town guests.
| Credit: Peter Frank Edwards; Hair: Nicholas Gorlesky; Makeup: Dhyana Forte/Zenobia

Many families have recipes that are passed down from generation to generation. For Ikeda Feingold, that recipe is a cocktail first made by her Japanese grandmother in the summer of 1970. It was a celebratory drink to toast Ikeda's birth, crafted with shochu (a Japanese liquor similar to vodka) and infused with fruits and botanicals plucked from the garden. Nearly 50 years later, Ikeda introduced her take on the cocktail to Savannah with The 1970, a 19-ingredient, 70-proof liqueur that can be served on its own or stirred into a drink. "It's a mix of who I am," she says. "The idea of a cocktail is very American and European, but the flavor profile is East Asian. I love that it is this mélange of my two different sides married together." Here, Ikeda spills on her Technicolor style and why she feels right at home in Savannah.

Why I’m a Fan of the 1970s Aesthetic

"I grew up in the seventies, so I feel like it's a look I've always gravitated toward in terms of fashion and music. It crosses generational boundaries, at least with the music, the style, and the art. On our family Spotify account, I started seeing all this [David] Bowie and [The Rolling] Stones on my kids' playlists. It's an aesthetic I'm very comfortable with."

My Approach to Entertaining

"It's something that happens weekly; we invite people over all the time. I think hospitality is a sense of graciousness and welcoming, where people come into your house and are treated like guests but at the same time feel very much at home and comfortable. I want them enjoying themselves and having an experience, and in turn, I have that experience as well. There's nothing I love more than someone stopping by for a drink on their way home from work and then ending up staying for family dinner."

The Reason I Love Vintage Pieces

"I grew up altering and wearing my mother's clothes, a lot of 1950s and 1960s dresses. I would wiggle into them, because she was smaller than I am, and then expand them in the shoulders. I have always loved fashion and been drawn to vintage clothing. There's a seamstress in town, Cate Lyon, and I've taken her a number of my mom's pieces that were threadbare so she could make patterns based on those to create things with new materials, which are great."

What I Appreciate About Savannah’s Approach to Style

"It's a small city that is incredibly accepting. I own way too many spangled, sparkly, sequined dresses and want to be in a place where I can wear those and be comfortable. I love that I never feel overdressed here. I like putting thought into my clothes, just as I do for the music and movies I enjoy, and Savannah is pretty supportive of that."