This is brilliant.

By Perri Ormont Blumberg
Clothes in Closet
Credit: Omar Shamsuddin/Getty Images

You know the scoop on why you should wash clothes before wearing them. You've aced getting blush out of your blouse like a pro. But what's a gal to do about banishing funky smells from her favorite garments?

Easy. Reach for the cat litter. Yes, we're being serious. The pet essential can help freshen up the scent of your clothes and get rid of whatever gross odor that lingers on them: "Keep an open bag of kitty litter in the closet to deodorize and remove the moisture from the space. Another tip is to put your clothing item directly inside of a clean container or Ziploc bag with kitty litter inside. Just shake out or brush off and wear," writes Laura Richards for Reader's Digest.

It may sound unconventional but it's an affordable and effective way of making your clothes smell as good as new. Skeptical? Try it for yourself and report back.

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Just don't tell your feline friend that you're dipping into his or stash for this important task. So spill your secrets: What's your go-to tip for getting rid of stubborn smells on clothing?